Team Members

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Skills and Competencies: Pontha is a management graduate who has been a part of premier education institutions like NIIT & Simens Information Systems Private Limited. She has seen the IT education industry evolve with changing times and is always aware of the industry needs. Her passion for SAP has been instrumental in her pursuing a career for more than 5 years in the SAP education industry. She has been a trusted mentor in the career guidance of over 500 candidates who today are well placed and established in the SAP consultant domain.
Pontha Banerjee
Center Head

Skills and Competencies: Maya is a SAP career consultant with extensive experience in career guidance, she is passionate about her work and assists candidates in making the right career choice. She has worked with TIME & ATOS ATC where she has counseled candidates for further education and working professionals for a shift in their career. Her sincere approach has helped professionals in establishing their career thus helping them accomplishing their professional goals.
Maya Singh